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Loma Park opens its doors at 7:30 each morning to welcome students to a day of learning, exploring, and creating. Students enjoy a varied curriculum of activities and programs which include the Robotics Club, After School Clubhouse, Ballet Folklorîco, Safety Patrols, Dancing with the Children, and numerous field trips throughout the school year.

A favorite field trip is a day at the San Antonio Zoo. Students learn about animal habitats, animal characteristics, and develop skills of observation and inquisition. The LBJ Ranch, the State Capital, Magik Theatre are among the trips which offer students additional experiences off-campus. Especially Memorable are excursions to out of town locations like the Texas State Aquarium and aircraft carrier Lexington located in beautiful Corpus Christi. Students are presented with

Loma park opened its door in 1953 with a total of 10 classroom teachers. The Loma Park community celebrated 50 years of Excellence in Education in 2003 and the community came out to celebrate. Guests included former students and Loma Park's first faculty and staff who began in 1953. The teachers remembered how they would eat lunch outside on the sidewalk along with their students. Though some of the former teachers were ailing, they did not miss the opportunity to reunite and meet the present faculty.

Mr. John A. Stead, first principal, attended the celebration and spoke about his experiences at the new school.Mr. Bennie Steinhauser, the Edgewood District's first superintendent, honored the attendees by recalling the opening of the school and how the community played an important role in its success. Former students renewed old friendships and met with former teachers. The school was filled with excitement and memories.