Robotics Videos

ERIC 2015 Champions

Pitching & Hitting Robot

This robot can be found on It combines the baseball batter with a pitching machine that shoots the ball toward the batter and when the ultrasonic sensor sees the ball it swings the bat. The real trick would be to position the sensor so the bat would make better contact with the ball. If the video does not play click here.

Crayon Sorter
Example of how to use color sensor and the NXT robot to sort crayons. Robot and video created by Mr. Jewell's son James. Produced and Directed by Mr. Jewell.

TCEA Challenge Close Up
by Mustang Robotics
This student recorded video was taken at the TCEA Intermediate Challenge in New Braunfels, Tx. Click the link above to view the video. I takes a while to show up. Mr. Jewell invited the Winston Coach to our Saturday practice in December and he took our ideas back to his club. We programmed our robot to stop on the black line, but it should have bumped into the wall. We scored 180 points in all three matches, but we forgot to bring our program so we couldn't make changes. Winston's team used our program idea and made the changes to finish in third place. We finished in 12th place, but Mr. Jewell says, "Consistency wins the day!" We got 180, 180, 180, thats consistent. He was so proud of us!